Woven with History

The Bellwood Story

Spanning the historic Atlanta neighborhoods of Grove Park, Almond Park and Carey Park, the vision of Bellwood Homes is born out of some of the city’s most storied communities. These tree-lined streets crisscrossing Atlanta’s burgeoning Westside are a testament not only to the history they have witnessed but to the possibilities of the future. Bellwood Homes is committed to reweaving the fabric of community in these iconic Atlanta neighborhoods – rejuvenating the physical and reinvigorating the spirit.

At Bellwood Homes, we believe in:

Bellwood Homes is a place for everyone. Whether we are working with local NPUs or organizing community clean-up events, we’re investing our resources and energy into a place we already know and love with a heart for all its residents – those here right now as well as those to come.

Bellwood Homes will blend a mix of attainable new homes, townhomes, lofts, retail and commercial properties – all woven organically into the existing fabric of the surrounding community to build opportunity in a thriving intown neighborhood driven by the connection, growth and energy of the city.

Bellwood Homes has a vision for the long-term. By building strong community connections, top-quality homes and smart, sustainable features, our goal is to create a positive and enduring impact in these Atlanta communities.


Situated on Atlanta’s Westside, the historic neighborhoods of Grove Park, Almond Park and Carey Park, first sprang to life in the early 20th century driven by nearby industry. These thriving neighborhoods, known for tree-lined avenues and well-tended homes grew in popularity and diversity for decades.

By the 1970s, industry closures combined with a migration to the suburbs began to drain the strength and vitality of these once vibrant neighborhoods. Investment in the area declined and the fabric of the community began to unravel.

Now, this iconic Atlanta community is poised for resurgence. Bolstered by a renewed interest in sustainable planning for urban living as well as a new commitment of investment in the community’s amenities, industry and opportunities, the Westside is on the rise – set to build on its storied history and make an enduring mark on the future of Atlanta.